Working At New York JFK 2000-2004 (Part 2: Day 1)

My very first experience of JFK was day 1 when I reported to building#69! This is where Hudson General/GlobeGround North America’s main office was at the airport, there HQ was at that time over in Great Neck NY, I arrived prompt and early as I was required to sort out mu airside permits and myContinue reading “Working At New York JFK 2000-2004 (Part 2: Day 1)”

Working at New York JFK 2000-2004 (Part 1: Arrival)

My career in aviation has taken many twists and turns as it ran its course, none as exciting and daunting, as my time in New York working at JFK International Airport, between October 2000 and March 2004, now on paper the thought of living and working in New York, would seem like a lottery win,Continue reading “Working at New York JFK 2000-2004 (Part 1: Arrival)”