We Will Remember Them

With proud thanksgiving, a mother for her children,England mourns for her dead across the sea.Flesh of her flesh they were, spirit of her spirit,Fallen in the cause of the free. Solemn the drums thrill: Death august and royalSings sorrow up into immortal spheres.There is music in the midst of desolationAnd a glory that shines uponContinue reading “We Will Remember Them”

No Smile When Travelling With TUI!

Where do I start with this absolute shambles of a company? From the beginning I guess would be the best place, sadly it’s a grumble of epic proportions as the company and airline are a complete mess and disgrace, I’ve vowed I will never travel TUI again, I’d rather pay a lot more and travelContinue reading “No Smile When Travelling With TUI!”

The Value of Celebrant Services for Every Funeral Home

I found the following piece written by Alexandra Jo! Alexandra is a certified Celebrant and the Content Manager at Parting Stone where she creates forward-thinking content for funeral professionals. I wanted to share this for others to read as it gives a great perspective from a funeral celebrant point of view, please also understand thatContinue reading “The Value of Celebrant Services for Every Funeral Home”

Restoration of weathered garden ornaments

I wrote a short piece on 05th June 2022 called “Restoration of an old fountain” just to back track the purpose of the story. Sadly my fiancée lost her mother Susan Dickens in January 2022, Susan left us on her 67th birthday, the shock has been unmeasurable to us all as a family, aswell asContinue reading “Restoration of weathered garden ornaments”

Pennington our own little Manor

How much do you really know about our area of Pennington? now I knew we had a long history dating back many centuries, I know our area was very prominent in the region, but I didn’t know our full history, the property I live in is probably somewhere in the region of 400 years oldContinue reading “Pennington our own little Manor”

History of the Towers at Alton Towers

Most people have visited Alton Towers at least once in their lifetime! The attraction of fast roller coasters and endless rides appeals to our inner child and our needful Thrills and spills. But amongst the rides such as Oblivion, Smiler, Nemesis, Galactic, Wickerman, Rita, Thirteen and countless others, sits a beautiful old castle quietly rottingContinue reading “History of the Towers at Alton Towers”

Restoration of an old fountain

As work commenced on the memorial garden that I’m creating for my partners mother, Susan Dickens who sadly left us on her 67th birthday, January 10th 2022 leaving us with a lasting void. So within the grounds of our cottage was this 25 year old fountain looking very bedraggled and rather washed out. Would ofContinue reading “Restoration of an old fountain”

Baz Luhrmann “Everybody’s free (to wear Sunscreen)”

Back in 1997 a song was released into the UK single charts by Baz Luhrmann, called Everybody’s Free (to wear sunscreen) it went to number 1 in the UK charts as well as earning platinum status due to sales, as songs go its not a dance track, or rock or anything like that whatsoever! It’sContinue reading “Baz Luhrmann “Everybody’s free (to wear Sunscreen)””

War of the Worlds 2022 Manchester AO Arena

“No one would have believedIn the last years of the nineteenth centuryThat human affairs were being watchedFrom the timeless worlds of spaceNo one could have dreamed that we were being scrutinizedAs someone with a microscope studies creaturesThat swarm and multiply in a drop of waterFew men even considered the possibility of life on other planetsAndContinue reading “War of the Worlds 2022 Manchester AO Arena”

Dan at Barton Aerodrome

On Saturday 19th March myself and my son James took Dan to Barton Aerodrome, I figured there is a restraunt at the Aerodrome so we could have lunch, and then watch some of the light aircraft and helicopters landing as well as taking off, something Dan really likes to do. Even though his mind isContinue reading “Dan at Barton Aerodrome”

Dan & Dementia

This is Danzal or Dan as we like to call him, he is in his late 80s and sadly suffers from Alzheimer’s/Dementia which is progressing as each week goes by, we know we cannot stop this cruel disease, just make sure his quality of life is the very best we can make it, he livesContinue reading “Dan & Dementia”

Step back in time in Kirkby Lonsdale & Kendal.

Me and my fiancée Michelle both up at 0800 the boys still sleeping a peek out the curtains the rain is falling heavy typical winter English weather, a hot cup of tea to start the day followed by a lightly toasted piece of bread, smothered in Lurpack butter yum. Boys awake and up and aboutContinue reading “Step back in time in Kirkby Lonsdale & Kendal.”

No Second Chances.

There are many jobs, many professions, many businesses, where if at the first attempt you don’t get it right, you have the ability to have a second shot to rectify your mistake, in my role as a Funeral Director there are second chances, no opportunity to fix mistakes. The very nature of the service weContinue reading “No Second Chances.”

The Pirate Island by James Sargent aged 12 years old

A piece written by my son James, he is 12 years old, I’ve left the text body and layout exactly as he has written it, hope you enjoy.  My name is John Jawline and I live with my mum in Scotland since my dad died 2 years before I was born. I was doing theContinue reading “The Pirate Island by James Sargent aged 12 years old”

Churches Closing! Who’s Really to Blame?

Regardless of who you are or what your religious persuasion is? Whenever we see a church closing down, or see one all boarded up, there is a tinge of sadness, and we all begin to wonder, how could it of closed? Churches have lots of money? Shouldn’t be allowed? I could go on for everContinue reading “Churches Closing! Who’s Really to Blame?”

Make Your Bed”delivered by ADMIRAL WILLIAM H. MCRAVEN

I didn’t write this piece but I find so powerful and inspiring, I wanted to share it with you, we can all take lessons out of this speech, little snippets we can use each day in our lives, the part on “make your bed” inspires me as its so true! I hope you enjoy thisContinue reading “Make Your Bed”delivered by ADMIRAL WILLIAM H. MCRAVEN”

Saturday/Sunday Morning U12s Football Back Again!!!

There is no better feeling of getting my son up on a Saturday morning, so he can play football again. The COVID-19 pandemic impact has been extremely difficult for adults to handle and manage, but for our children it has been considerably worse. Prior to the pandemic my son who currently plays for Leigh GenesisContinue reading “Saturday/Sunday Morning U12s Football Back Again!!!”

Working At New York JFK 2000-2004 (Part 2: Day 1)

My very first experience of JFK was day 1 when I reported to building#69! This is where Hudson General/GlobeGround North America’s main office was at the airport, there HQ was at that time over in Great Neck NY, I arrived prompt and early as I was required to sort out mu airside permits and myContinue reading “Working At New York JFK 2000-2004 (Part 2: Day 1)”

The Faceless Man A Story By James Sargent (Aged 11yrs)

My son James is 11 years old, during lockdown he started writing short stories, creating characters and scenarios in his head. He has had no help from any of us or his teachers, just simply sits down with his laptop and drifts off writing. He really wanted me to share a this teaser from oneContinue reading “The Faceless Man A Story By James Sargent (Aged 11yrs)”