Pennington our own little Manor

How much do you really know about our area of Pennington? now I knew we had a long history dating back many centuries, I know our area was very prominent in the region, but I didn’t know our full history, the property I live in is probably somewhere in the region of 400 years oldContinue reading “Pennington our own little Manor”

Working At New York JFK 2000-2004 (Part 2: Day 1)

My very first experience of JFK was day 1 when I reported to building#69! This is where Hudson General/GlobeGround North America’s main office was at the airport, there HQ was at that time over in Great Neck NY, I arrived prompt and early as I was required to sort out mu airside permits and myContinue reading “Working At New York JFK 2000-2004 (Part 2: Day 1)”