No Smile When Travelling With TUI!

Where do I start with this absolute shambles of a company? From the beginning I guess would be the best place, sadly it’s a grumble of epic proportions as the company and airline are a complete mess and disgrace, I’ve vowed I will never travel TUI again, I’d rather pay a lot more and travelContinue reading “No Smile When Travelling With TUI!”

Working at New York JFK 2000-2004 (Part 1: Arrival)

My career in aviation has taken many twists and turns as it ran its course, none as exciting and daunting, as my time in New York working at JFK International Airport, between October 2000 and March 2004, now on paper the thought of living and working in New York, would seem like a lottery win,Continue reading “Working at New York JFK 2000-2004 (Part 1: Arrival)”

Cabin Crew Regrets

Having spent an considerable number of years within the aviation industry, I was lucky enough to work in airports in both the UK and the USA, during the time I made some fantastic life long friends, as well as business contacts at all four corners of the globe, I think I can say with honestyContinue reading “Cabin Crew Regrets”