Has the world gone crazy? Or…….

News news news 24hrs a day every channel an endless stream of information, some factual some fuelling the panicking and fear we are currently seeing globally.Coronavirus allegedly came out of China narrowed down to the Wuhan Province? But how does an illness thatis, we are being told bring the people of the globe to its knees, suddenly appear after thousands of years of basically “nothing” to elevate itself to a global pandemic? How can this be? Now I’m not delving into conspiracy theories or anything like that, I’m an ordinary person from a small town called Leigh, I’m no scholar or academic just mister ordinary, but this situation is becoming a concern to me and my family.You turn on social media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram even LinkedIn, I’m engulfed with COVID-19 misery stories, and visions of ridiculous panicking, every news channel the same, radio is pumping the same stories, we are completely encapsulated in this story every turn, I’m confronted by it which in turn makes me start to panic, there has to be a balance surely?I’ve watched on news and social media outlets, long queues to get into Costco stores around the world why? What are people so desperate to buy? I’ve seen local shops stripped bare of everything, how much Jam and tomato sauce will people eat, if we are quarantined hmmmm.We need to “STOP” just for a moment and think about this logically, let’s think about our elderly who cannot bulk buy as they struggle to even get to the shops, do you need thirty toilet rolls whilst they have one? Do you need so much pasta that you can feed your entire estate, whilst others can only find one tin of spaghetti, come on reality check please!The best way for us collectively to come through whatever this is, is to do it together, call and ask your neighbours if they are ok or need anything? Don’t go and buy up an entire shops worth of provisions, this is not a movie, zombies are not coming, Dustin Hoffman is not going to appear on your street in a yellow suit.Has the world gone crazy? I think it has, whatever this is as ordinary people we will as our grandparents would of said to us, “chin up” “it’ll soon blow by this”Paul (16/03/2020)

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