Where has the right to an Opinion gone?

Where has the right to an opinion gone? It clearly has gone away, because when you do have an opinion on anything, there is always someone ready to try and shoot you down, even if your opinion is yours and yours alone? why why why?

I want to delve into this to try and understand myself, the year is 2021, we have just left 2020 behind, a year that has changed the way the world works and plays, we are dealing with a global pandemic, the UK leaving the EU, Donald Trump’s presidency ending and Joe Biden’s beginning, Black Lives Matter etc.

These are a tiny snippet of things that have raised debate, indifference, segregation but overall a breakdown in the ability to have an opinion on virtually anything, it saddens me that our society has drifted to this persuasion and I now feel that I have to remain silent keeping my opinions entirely to myself, so why am I feeling like this?

I used to feel that having an opinion was my right, my privilege I chose not to force my opinions on anybody, and I always remain respectful of other peoples opinions even if I completely disagree with them, and yes I will always engage in respectful debate, but always maintaining that key word “RESPECT” yet here we are now, I’m a man with a gag on my mouth, because my opinions must now be constantly disagreed with, tore apart, belittled, and desecrated, seems we are now only satisfied with creating unnecessary issues that really aren’t needed.

I voted to leave the EU for my own reasons I’m not an expert on politics but I had a choice to make, some of the online trolling and disgusting comment, were shocking, yes during debates I stood my ground but it descended into all out name calling, such nastiness as calling me racist, xenophobic, selfish, country destroyer, parasite and much much worse! Why must a difference of opinion be ridiculed and dragged to such degrading levels? why can we not simply agree to disagree?

So many things going on in the world that I must remain tight lipped on, suppose this is the shape of how things of gone, I would love to be able to air my opinion to happily debate with my peers but remain respectful, so my aim is to have my opinion here in my blog, there will be many that may disagree with my opinions and I welcome that, but I must be able to to voice them and I shall.

“Few people are capable of expressing with equanimity opinions which differ from the prejudices of their social environment. Most people are incapable of forming such opinions.” Albert Einstein

One response to “Where has the right to an Opinion gone?”

  1. justthingsnothingimportant avatar

    I agree 100% with you I feel like if I say anything I will be dragged through the mud and stomped on by not agreeing with the person I am not in agreement with. I for one am a person that is ok with whatever someone else think because that is their right but it is also my right to have my own thought and feelings on whatever the topic may be. It used to be ( if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all ) those days are long gone not I feel it is ( if you can’t agree with me shut the F up your wrong ) Sad world we live in now.

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