Restoration of an old fountain

As work commenced on the memorial garden that I’m creating for my partners mother, Susan Dickens who sadly left us on her 67th birthday, January 10th 2022 leaving us with a lasting void. So within the grounds of our cottage was this 25 year old fountain looking very bedraggled and rather washed out. Would of been easy to break it up and buy a new one, but I decided to restore it instead give it a little TLC see what becomes of it?

So after a good cleaning a little sanding down in places to remove old moss and other organic materials, it was ready to be painted, I’ve always sworn by the outdoor masonry Velspar paint from B & Q it’s very hard wearing and looks fabulous, so as yesterday (04.06.22) was a lovely sunny day with a nice breeze, I set about the painting, really pleased with the finished result, the paint went on really well, and really highlighted the newly cleaned details, the lions heads look superb. The fountain is no longer for water use instead will become a planter for an array of beautiful flowering plants, what could of been destroyed is enjoying a new lease of life.

3 responses to “Restoration of an old fountain”

  1. Very nice. And I was thinking you were going to make a lamp out of it.


  2. Lovely!!looking forward to seeing it when the flowers are in bloom!

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    1. Hi Anne I will be posting shortly pictures of the fountain in full bloom


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