The Pirate Island by James Sargent aged 12 years old

A piece written by my son James, he is 12 years old, I’ve left the text body and layout exactly as he has written it, hope you enjoy.

 My name is John Jawline and I live with my mum in Scotland since my dad died 2 years before I was born. I was doing the dishes in my mum’s inn. The inn is a hotel with a bar and a mini café, so I had to help around a lot. So, one day we had a very unexpected visitor…

 A man came in with a gash in his left cheek and rotten, grey nails. I was almost sick, but he said ‘’You alright little fellow? I am seeking shelter you got any place I can stay?’’ I have to say he was the scariest man I have ever seen. Scared I muttered ‘’ye- yeah just go upstairs and turn right.’’ He stomped up the stairs and when he got to the top he said ‘’Watch out for a one-legged-man matey. A one-legged man?’’ I thought.

 I rushed over to my mum only to find her in my dad’s old bed looking at a picture of someone that looked like the man I just met 1 minute ago. It said a name at the bottom of the picture, and it was Fraser Froffs. That sounded like someone on TV, and it was indeed the man I just met. Rapidly, I ran downstairs and only to see another man.

 But this man was deaf and not to be mean he was hopeless. He was walking like he needed a wheelchair. Soon he eventually made it in the inn he said ‘’Give me your hand would ya? Me needs this to help me get in.’’ I hesitantly held my hand out and I suddenly felt his old, wrinkly hands crushing my arm like a vice. I shrieked in the pain I was in and he gave me a note and said ‘’Pass that to Fraser kid or you’ll be next.’’

 That scared me though, the way he said that in his groggy evil voice. I went up to Fraser and said ‘’This is for you.’’ He looked at it and I was expecting money or something, but it was just a boring black spot. But when he saw it, he had this look and his face went pale, paler than a polar bears fur. ‘’You, ok?’’ I asked. No response apart from a rustle from outside…

 Before I knew it people came rushing in and smashing everything in their path. Guns firing, swords banging and fire spreading. My mum came down and she grabbed me and started to run when I saw a piece of paper on the floor, so I stole it on the way out. We kept running, I do not know how long for, but we just kept running.

 We decided to go over to Saint Mina, famous town with mayor Goudal, when we got there, we went into the mayor’s office and showed him the piece of paper because as I left, I saw on the note a map with the letter X marked in various places. Goudal’s eyes lit up and he said ‘’you ready for an adventure?’’

 Soon we got in a big ship, galleon, and sailed to Saint’s harbour to find a crew to help us get the treasure or whatever there was at the mark X. But Goudal could not tell a soul and he is a person who cannot keep a secret. So, mum had to shut him up the whole way to the ship.

 Once we got on the ship the best thing was the emerald torches scattered around the ship and even on the bottom deck! It was fantastic. Soon the captain (Kale Writs) said ‘’Everyone hold on it is going to be a sharp turn.’’ We all nodded. He was quite scary because he had one leg and a golden eye patch with red scratches on it.

 After about 5 miles into see I remembered something. The one leg. Fraser back at the inn said ‘’Watch out for a one-legged man.’’ I gulped, I think everyone heard it, well I thought. Everyone was singing sea songs in the bottom deck drinking beer. Then I quickly signalled to Goudal to come here. I whispered to him ‘’At my mum’s inn we met a man, Fraser Froffs, he was the man I got the note from and he said to me watch out for a one-legged man!’’ He nodded and said ‘’ Fraser Froffs is the number one on wanted lists. We must assassinate Kale, and quickly.

 We had a plan to do this though, it was that we lure him into the bottom deck and then he will drink some beer and get drunk and then it will be an easy finish. ‘’Kale I need some help down here come please.’’ I heard Kale stomp down the stairs and heard some commotion down there and then heard ‘’I got him.’’ It was Goudal. Our plan was going perfectly until I went exploring. I wanted to be the hero, so I went down there with a gun.

 When I got down there someone was holding me in a head lock and right on time Goudal came down and I closed my eyes and heard, a big loud bang.

 He was dead, Kale was dead. Then we made our way to the island. It was only 5 miles away, so we sang a lot while one of the crew members Dylan went steering the ship. Before I knew it, we were at the island. Everyone shouted ‘’Whoopee.’’

 Then we used the ropes to climb back down onto the island. Next minute, after searching for a while we found a brown box sticking out and I screamed ‘’I think I found it!’’ Everyone rushed over and now I felt like a true hero. Some of the crew dug it up and when we opened the old, damaged box there was gold, bonds, platinum, diamonds, silver, copper everything you can imagine.

 But we decided not to stick around for long because there might be other pirates competing for this treasure. The 11 miles we sailed here for was all worthwhile. Soon we all got back on the ship and sailed back to Saints harbour.

 But later on, we sailed back to Saint’s harbour and we lived a rich, happy, tremendous life. But at the age of 21 I went on to be an explorer.

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  1. Good story I can tell lots of thought went into it. Your son should be proud of his story writing. Keep up the good work. 🙂

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