You came naked,
You will go naked.
You arrived weak
You will leave weak.
You came without money and things,
You will leave without money and things.
Your first bath? Someone washed you
Your last bath? Someone will wash you.

This is life!

So why so much envy, so much malice, so much hate, so much resentment, and so much selfishness?



We have a limited time here on Earth, don’t waste it in uselessness.

One response to “#bekind”

  1. Me and my thoughts avatar
    Me and my thoughts

    I wish I know that answer. I always tell people that ask me what I don’t have a lot stuff in my house and I tell them well in the end I can’t take it with me so why have it. I have told my boys before that when my time here on earth is over it will take 10 minutes to go through the house but my kitchen and sewing will take days. I envy no one I have the love of my family and the Lord that is all I really need in my home/my life.

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