The Faceless Man A Story By James Sargent (Aged 11yrs)

My son James is 11 years old, during lockdown he started writing short stories, creating characters and scenarios in his head. He has had no help from any of us or his teachers, just simply sits down with his laptop and drifts off writing. He really wanted me to share a this teaser from one of his stories, this particular one is called “The Faceless Man” all written in his own words and exactly how he wrote it. As a parent I’m so proud of him, hopefully this could be his vocation as he gets older? Who knows? Perhaps Leigh, Greater Manchester has its very own “Stephen King” in the making?

The Faceless Man

I am a rescue officer stationed in a safe place in America. My name is Davies Jonathon, and this is a story I cannot forget, and it still haunts me today.

I was in a camp and I was investigating a missing kid report of a girl with autism. The parents said ‘’She would never just walk away like that.’’ We always heard that from parents. Me and my buddy new this would be an easy case because how could a girl with autism go so far?

Soon, we set off into the woods near a hot-spot place we find missing people. The sticks were impossible to get through because it looked like a trap. The sticks were covering a hole like 9 feet down and 12 feet wide. While we were looking something caught my eye. There was a man. A fully grown man…

I could not see facial expressions but when I got closer, I almost threw up. He did not have a face. It looked like a mask, but it was just smooth skin, no eyes, no mouth and no nose. Suddenly, he ran away and I jumped back a bit because he also zoomed like a cartoon character.

I signalled my buddy to leave, and we went further into the woods. That was messed up I thought. But what creeped me out was why would he be here and why did not he have a face? Soon we were about 10 miles into the woods and I almost forgot that a girl could go this far.

We came up to a stair in the middle of the woods. Like a video game glitched and the stairs was the only thing that spawned or like you took the stairs in your house and put it in the middle of the woods. When we were rookies all we got told was the stairs are common and never go near or touch them.

Soon we heard cries of a girl. A rush of energy filled inside me and me and my buddy sprinted towards the sound. But something was not right. I asked my buddy if he felt the same and he said ‘’yeah.’’ I listened to the cries more and then I realised that it was a loop the same cry, hiccup then whimper.

I looked behind us and there he was the faceless man but this time I was even more creeped out. He was with a child, not just any child, the child we had been looking for, but the scariest thing was she did not have a face either.

We full on booked it back to the camp and we knew we were followed but when we got to the camp, we saw the man stood with her by the treeline. My friend screamed and the whole camp woke up and the faceless man left with her…

4 weeks later we found the girl dead in a canyon 40 miles away from camp.
We do not know what happened but this was something that haunted me for the rest of the time I was in that job…

James Sargent aged 11 years old

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  1. Me and my thoughts avatar
    Me and my thoughts

    That is a great story keep up your writing. I would love to see you write more to this story it would be a great read 🙂

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