My Bike Ride by James Sargent (11 yrs old)

Yesterday on the 18/02/2021 I went on one of my longest and hardest bike rides yet. The bike ride was 30 kilometres long! This is how I was, on my bike ride!

While I was waiting for my football friend to come round so we could go out on a bike ride, I could feel my blood pumping and I was overly excited, because I wanted to get going. Rapidly, I got my helmet, water bottle, bag and bike out. A few minutes later I saw him outside with his dad, so I sprinted to get my stuff, and got on my bike. I do not know how fast I ran with my bike but all I knew was that I went rapid.

Once we got past my gates, we went down the lane and when I got on my bike it felt unusual because it was my first time on my bike in at least 6 months! Martin (my friends dad) told us it would be a smooth ride and that we were going down the canal and we are going through some dry backroads. Normally, back roads basically mean muddy roads to me and I think a back road will normally be muddy.

First, we went up to the flash and we went round there, and we even saw loads of swans and ducks all together. Going past some stalls a got a nice smell of donuts and other delicious foods. It was so tempting to just get a donut and a burger, but I had to hold the urge in. At the end near the canal there was a big hill and we had to ride up, halfway up the hill I ended up stopping because it was hard to get up.

Later down the canal we got into a Wigan and we were all peckish, so we all wanted to go to the pie shop somewhere nearby. Soon we found a shop called ‘’Ince fish and chips’’ so we all decided we would get a chip barm. So, me and Lewis (my football friend) waited outside and while I was eating and Martin was getting his and Lewis’ at that moment Lewis accidently knocked Martins bike over and when he came out Lewis said ‘’It just fell, it just fell!’’ A few minutes later when Martin put the bike back up, we all enjoyed our chip barm.

Soon we got off the canal and we got to a place and it was like a mud bath. The worst news was that we had to go down it for about a mile. Me and Lewis walked a bit of it and when we rode, Martin told us that we need quick fast legs so we had to go in a low gear which means our legs go faster but the bike can go slower and more stable in thick mud. On one bit Lewis got stuck in the mud and when he stopped, I was forced to stop and I got stuck in the mud and I put my feet down and I sank in mud so I had dirty and muddy feet.

After the mud we got back on the canal and took our route back to the flash. Soon we got near the flash, so we decided to go down the canal a bit more. 10 or 20 minutes later we got to the flash and then we cut into Pennington Park and then we were like 2 minutes away from home. I am not exaggerating this, but I went as fast as I could back home.

When my friend left and went home the first thing, I did was I got all my stuff off and went in a nice warm shower. Then after I got out, I just chilled out and got my pyjamas on and watched TV and went on my PC.

My bike ride adventure was fun, but I will now have achy legs for a week.

Published by Paul Sargent

I was born in Manchester, UK in 1974, I'd like to say that I have worked hard at this attempt at life? I have had some incredible experiences on my journey up to now, and will continue to make memories as and when I can, I live in Leigh, Greater Manchester, UK with my fiancee and son. My current job is that of a Funeral Director, this current year has been an emotional roller coaster, due to the awful Coronavirus Pandemic, that has devastated the globe, I needed an outlet to shut out the realities of the day! A chance for me to escape perhaps my own sub conscious if only for a moment in time. As I expand my journey as a blogger will continue to open my mind and share my thoughts, I'd like to write about Life Through Ordinary Eyes, an honest interpretation at what I see and feel, what experiences I have had, and to perhaps share things that just might help you or someone you know on this voyage of discovery called life. Oh well here goes nothing. . . . . . . . . . . .

2 thoughts on “My Bike Ride by James Sargent (11 yrs old)

  1. James it sounds like you had a fun but a bit of an exhausting time. Did you at least have a sunny day for you bike ride? Getting muddy is always a fun thing to do even at my age 55 lol. Glad you had fun getting our and getting some fresh air with your friend. 🙂

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