People of Leigh go ‘above and beyond’ with aid donations to Ukraine

This piece was written by Conal Cunningham of the Leigh Journal ourlocal paper,on the incredible effort from the great people of our little town.

THE GENEROSITY of the community in Leigh has been described as “phenomenal” following a public appeal for Ukranian aid donations.

Since the Russian invasion into Ukraine last week, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians have been displaced from their homes and have headed to refugee camps in bordering countries.

Wishing to help in whatever way they can, people from all over Leigh have donated essential items, shared appeals far and wide, and volunteered to help collections run smoothly.

This has included Leigh Centurions, local businesses, and ordinary members of the community.

One of the main collection points in the town was at Leigh Parish Church, on St Mary’s Way. (Seen below)

Since appealing for donations on Sunday, February 27, the response from the community is said to have been “outstanding”.

Reverend Kevin Crinks, vicar at St Mary’s Parish Church said: “Since Monday morning, the donations have been flooding in – to the point where we had to order an extra van to pick everything up.

“People have been donating anything they can, bringing bags of stuff bought from supermarkets and asking can they help with the packing, sorting, and loading.

“The generosity of the people of Leigh has been phenomenal – but this is shown time and time again in times of need.”

With donations – such as blankets, toiletries, kids clothes, and first aid kits – coming in all week, these have now all been delivered to the Polish Integration Support Centre (PISC) in Liverpool.

One of the leading suppliers of donated goods across the North West, volunteers at PISC will drive the items onto the Polish-Ukrainian border for mothers, children, and all the refugees who have been displaced by the war.

For now, the Church is not taking any more donations but Kevin explained they will restart the effort if necessary.

Kevin added: “The amount of people who have wanted to help is fantastic, and the kindness of strangers has been amazing.”
“I’m so proud of Leigh, and it’s been a privilege to be a part of it.”


Published by Paul Sargent

I was born in Manchester, UK in 1974, I'd like to say that I have worked hard at this attempt at life? I have had some incredible experiences on my journey up to now, and will continue to make memories as and when I can, I live in Leigh, Greater Manchester, UK with my fiancee and son. My current job is that of a Funeral Director, this current year has been an emotional roller coaster, due to the awful Coronavirus Pandemic, that has devastated the globe, I needed an outlet to shut out the realities of the day! A chance for me to escape perhaps my own sub conscious if only for a moment in time. As I expand my journey as a blogger will continue to open my mind and share my thoughts, I'd like to write about Life Through Ordinary Eyes, an honest interpretation at what I see and feel, what experiences I have had, and to perhaps share things that just might help you or someone you know on this voyage of discovery called life. Oh well here goes nothing. . . . . . . . . . . .

One thought on “People of Leigh go ‘above and beyond’ with aid donations to Ukraine

  1. It’s so heartwarming to see how your community has come together to help. I know people that have come to America from the Ukraine and they are worried about what is happening and it breaks my heart what those people are going through over there. Thank you for sharing this I am happy so many people and places are coming to their aid. Praying this comes to and end very soon.

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